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Falcon Head eth and png.png
Falcon Head eth and png.png


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Our signature blend, Falcon Head, is now new and improved! It is returning to the classic Moka Java blend of a natural Ethiopia with an Indonesian coffee. In this case the Ethiopia Limu combines with our Papua New Guinea Waghi Valley to bring balance, sweetness, and accessibility. High notes of berry and fruit from the Limu are grounded by the deep sweetness and chocolate notes of the PNG, creating a delicious, easy-drinking blend. While natural Ethiopian coffees are in season, you can expect this flavor profile. In late winter, we will offer an alternate blend to take advantage of other fresh crops for a short time until the summer harvest in Ethiopia allows us to return to this classic blend.

cupping notes:  blackberry, plum, almond butter

process:  blended naturals

elevation:  1,400-1,800 msl

varieties:  Heirloom, Typica and Arusha

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