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We offer courses for baristas and coffee geeks brewing at home from the basics of extraction to pouring perfect rosettas.

Espresso 101 — PHILADELPHIA

Espresso 101 — PHILADELPHIA


Espresso 101 addresses the basics of dosing, tamping, and extraction.

Each student will have time on the espresso machine with the goal of pulling a good shot of espresso by the end of the class. Students will also learn the basics of proper milk steaming. This class also briefly touches on coffee's history and some basic 'seed to cup' information.

**Espresso 101 is a prerequisite for Espresso 201 and for Intro to Milk**

Class Duration: 3 hours
Class Size: limited to 5 people
Class Location: 249 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

For more info: education@squareonecoffee.com

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