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Brazil Fazenda Serrado

Brazil Fazenda Serrado

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We taste: chocolatey, nutty, creamy

Farm: Fazenda Serrado
Region: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Processing Method: Natural
Elevation: 1,150-1,200 msl
Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Fazenda Serrado—not to be confused with another Brazilian coffee-growing region, “Cerrado”— is a 32-hectare farm located high in the mountains of South Minas, owned by the Pereira family. It's a healthy-sized operation with most of the business overseen by the two daughters of the family. For over 40 years, the family has cultivated coffee, winning awards for their meticulous attention to detail. (They've placed in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence twice.) They grow several cultivars on the farm, but this lot of Yellow Bourbon was separated from the rest.

Fazenda Serrado has also committed to improving the lives of their 50 employees. They have 12 on-site houses, a soccer field, as well as healthcare.

In general, coffee from Brazil has a reputation for being of lower quality because of the popularization of mechanized picking machines which essentially rake all of the cherries from the branch without regard to their varying degrees of ripeness. This runs in stark contrast to selectively hand-picking only the ripest cherries. Coffees like this are proof that there’s also a lot of extremely delicious “specialty” coffee in Brazil being tended with extreme care.

The rugged terrain at Fazenda Serrado rules out the possibility of mechanized picking, which means that the cherries are allowed to ripen fully. It also means that everything is selectively harvested at peak ripeness; peak flavor.

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