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Brazil Fazenda Sertão

Brazil Fazenda Sertão

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We taste: milk chocolate, peanut butter, brown sugar

Farm: Fazenda Sertão
Region: Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais
Processing Method: Natural
Elevation: 1,150-1,200 msl
Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Brazilian coffees that are tended with care, like the coffee grown at Fazenda Sertão, are a reminder that extremely delicious specialty coffee also comes from Brazil. (You know, in case anyone forgot.) Fazenda Sertão is an 850-hectare farm with 330 hectares planted in coffee of several varieties. The farm also grows bananas and corn, and is used to raise dairy livestock.

This farm has a love story behind it: Among the first generation of coffee growers in this area was Jose Isidro Pereira, a dentist-turned–coffee producer who inherited Fazenda Sertão from his mother when she passed away—an incident that ended his dentistry career but put him on a path to coffee farming. In 1949, Jose Isidro met the "love of his life," Nazareth, who continues to run the farm her husband left in her care. Nazareth and Jose Isidro's children—Francisco, Luiz Paulo, Clycia, and Sandra—are also coffee producers, carrying on the family tradition.

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