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Burundi Burunga

Burundi Burunga


We taste: strawberry, limeade

Cooperative: Dukorerikawa (623 -950 farmers)
Region: Gasanda, Burunga
Processing Method: Natural
Elevation: 1,800-1,900 msl
Variety: Bourbon

Located on the Congo/Nil Crest line, Cooperative Dukorerikawa has the potential to produce one of the best coffees in Burundi.

In terms of altitude, soil, and climate, Burundi is ideal for growing coffee; but having been forced to grow coffee during Belgian colonization there was little enthusiasm for coffee farming after independence in 1962, and no incentive for quality. Fifteen years ago, when prices began to rise and become relatively stable, Burundi coffee farmers in the northern highlands did not forget that Rwanda received better prices for their coffee and they started to emulate some of what was happening in Rwanda. They formed cooperatives and sought ways to improve quality.

The washing station where this coffee was processed was built in 2011 by 128 of its active members. Cooperative Dukorerikawa is well-located near the Kibira forest and, as such, the members have undertaken measures to be sensitive to the environment. Specifically, this meant building a water treatment system where the pulp can be separated and distributed to the coffee farmers.

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