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El Salvador Carlos Mauricio Lemus

El Salvador Carlos Mauricio Lemus

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Carlos Mauricio Lemus grows the Pacamara variety (read: really big beans) on his farm, which won 12th place in the 2015 El Salvador Cup of Excellence Competition. The rise of specialty coffee in El Salvador has inspired many producers to start to identify and isolate individual varieties, and to experiment with sorting and processing. This specific coffee is considered a "micro-microlot", because it's been separated by its variety (Pacamara) and by the way it's been processed (honey process). To add that extra "micro", the coffee then undergoes another round of sorting by our importer, Cafe Imports, which allows for further quality control as well as the ability to package some of these very special small lots especially for roasters like SQ1.

We tasted: cranberry, raspberry, honeydew

process: honey process
elevation: 1,850 msl
varieties: pacamara

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