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Ethiopia Duromina

Ethiopia Duromina

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We taste: peach sweet tea and orange marmalade

Farm/Cooperative: Duromina Cooperative
Region: Goma, Agaro
Processing Method: Washed
Elevation: 1,900–2,100 msl
Variety: Heirloom

The Duromina Cooperative was formed with the help of a non-government organization that not only coordinated agronomists and managers for each of the coops they work with, but also had a business adviser assigned who helped the cooperative manage their debt, reinvest in quality improvements at the mill, and verify distribution of income to all members. This level of access to expert advice is a rarity for most cooperatives. Sometimes a cooperative does make great strides in improving their quality, yet sinks deeper in debt all the while. This means that cooperatives can, at times, fail to return a fair and full amount of payment to their farmer-members. 

Duromina "graduated" from the NGO program a few years ago and now operates independently with the oversight of a farmer-member leadership group. The name “Duromina”, chosen by the farmers, has quite a straight-forward meaning: Make More Money! (roughly translated). With the solid price Duromina receives for their coffee and their success reinvesting in the Goma area, the name has proved to be quite appropriate. #goals

Bonus info: NPR did a little 6 minute audio piece on this cooperative a few years back: Cinderella Story.

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