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Guatemala El Milagro

Guatemala El Milagro

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We tasted: grape jam and candied almond

Farm: El Milagro owned by Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez
Region: Acatenango
Processing Method: Natural
Elevation: 1,530-1,690 msl
Varieties: Caturra, Pache

Mario Ricardo Alarcón Melendez is the 5th generation to oversee his family farm located in the Acatenango Valley.. In 2008, his mother and father decided that it was time for him to take on the administration of operations. Mario studied and majored in Mechanical Industrial Engineering, so he took on the task of designing a wet mill that would improve the coffee quality using the best machinery and a more efficient process.

Farm History Highlights:

  • His great-grandfather, Fidel Melendez, re-named the farm Monte de Oro, inferring to the great fertility of the ground.

  • When his grandfather, Ricardo Melendez, inherited the farm, he increased the coffee plantation, making coffee his focus, but he was dissatisfied about selling his coffee to our neighbors, Antigua Guatemala, convinced that the high quality cherry of his region could stand on its own. He joined together with several producers and founded "Cooperativa Acatenango".

  • In 1980, Mario’s mother, Ericka Melendez, took control of the administration after his grandfather's passing. It's important to note that she was the first woman in the area who administrated a coffee farm with success.

  • In 1985 his father, Mario Rene Alarcón Aguilar, decided to divide the farm into 5 different farms because each microclimate and different soil type yielded a completely different cup profile. The name of the five farms are:

·         El Milagro

·         El Socorro

·         La Ladera

·         Monte de Oro

·         El Recuerdo

  • Currently the farms have more than 5 varietals of coffee and 3 different processes, which produce a wide variety of flavor profiles.

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