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Kenya Rwama

Kenya Rwama

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We taste: nectarine, tropical fruit

Cooperative: 1,560 smallholder members of Rwama FCS
Region: Kianyaga, Gichugu, Kirinyaga
Processing Method: Washed
Elevation: 1,577 msl
Varieties: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Kenyan coffees are globally renowned for their complex and distinctive flavors. It’s no wonder that Kenyan coffee growing, processing, and drying techniques are being adopted by coffee producers around the world with super tasty results.

The process starts with selective hand-picking. In this case, after being picked, ripe cherries are delivered to the Muthingini “factory” (wet mill) where they are sorted and processed. The coffee is depulped (outer cherry husk removed) immediately using a three-disc machine, then fermented overnight before being washed in fresh water and sorted using soaking channels. It is then soaked until space is available on the drying tables, where it will dry for 7–15 days, being constantly sorted and rotated throughout.

Muthingini factory is operated by the Rwama Farmers Cooperative Society (F.C.S.) and is located near Kianyaga town. It was built in 1968 on 7 acres, and serves the nearby communities of Cieni, Gaciongo, Kiaragana, and Kariko. Membership is 1,560 smallholders, with about 1,000 active members at any given time. The members are provided with pre-financing services as well as advances for school fees and farming supplies. Trainings and seminars for the farmers are available through Coffee Management Services (CMS), and field days are held by the minister of agriculture on a regular basis. There is also a test farm near the factory which is used for the demonstration of agricultural techniques and best practices.

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