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Papua New Guinea Namugo

Papua New Guinea Namugo

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"Namugo" is the local name in the Okapa dialect for the rainforest region in which the coffee grows in the Eastern Highlands. The Namugo region of Papua New Guinea is dominated by mountains and hills and has very diverse microclimates.

The majority of coffee production comes from smallholder farmers, each with around 1–2 hectares called “gardens” in which they grow small amounts of coffee as well as whatever else a family or community might need for use or sale. Less than 3 percent of the country is used for commercial agriculture, and forest makes up more than 63 percent of Papua New Guinea’s landscape.

Once handpicked, farmers bring their coffee cherries to a central mill for sale. Cherries are bought for processing in day lots that are sorted for quality and grade. Then the coffee (in parchment) is stored in well-ventilated warehouses before shipping.

According to Cafe Imports, our trusted importer of this coffee, cultural differences and conflict are partially responsible for the logistical difficulties of sourcing from PNG. The country’s many indigenous populations are often very distinct from one another in terms of custom and language, and individual communities might comprise only a few hundred people, making communication and the cultural sensitivity required to do business here more difficult than in other coffee-growing regions. Less than 10 percent of the population is connected to or uses the Internet for communications, and there are roughly 55 telephones (both fixed-line and cellular) for every 100 people—another impediment when operating within a very digital contemporary global coffee industry.

We tasted: Asian pear, black tea

process: washed
elevation: 1,400-1,800 msl
varieties: typica, arusha


*Note: All coffee orders are freshly roasted, sealed, and shipped as WHOLE BEAN coffee for optimal freshness. 

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