Square One Coffee

  • A passion for coffee and a simple belief that people matter.

    It all starts with a person. A person with a hopeful heart, who digs a hole and who plants a seedling. A person who has made the decision to spend the next several years, maybe the rest of his or her life, working incredibly hard.

  • An uncompromising commitment to excellence.

    When these hardworking communities of people tend their crops skillfully and ensure that their harvest is processed carefully, the coffee is already endowed with an inherent awesomeness that we, as roasters, endeavor to preserve and enhance whenever possible.

  • A dedication to responsible practices.

    We want to be a part of the success and growth of every coffee farmer with whom we partner. Therefore, we are committed to purchasing coffee that is produced ethically and sustainably at a price that enables everyone involved to support their families and invest in their futures.

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Training and Education

At our Grant Street location

This coffee was lovingly tended, carefully processed, skillfully roasted, and now it's in your baristas' hands. Making a delicious cup of coffee consistently is a skill, a science and an art form. As roasters, we have a vested interest in helping our wholesale partners succeed and grow their businesses. We believe that providing training and education shows further respect for the farmers' hard work by helping to ensure that the finished product is served with excellence.

Our training lab is located in Lancaster, PA. Our training staff are SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Certified Lead Instructors, and are certified baristas by the Barista Guild of America. In addition to providing training for professional baristas, we also aim to educate the public, thereby making delicious coffee as accessible as possible. For classes open to the public, see: Shop : Filter Products : Training Courses for current course schedule.

For more information contact: info@squareonecoffee.com


You Can proudly serve Square One Coffee

Would you like to serve Square One Coffee at your cafe, restaurant or establishment?

We'd like that too! In fact, we'd be honored. However, we also feel that it's important to maintain the high level of quality and customer service that our café customers and our existing wholesale customers have come to expect and enjoy. Therefore, we will be partnering with wholesale customers who share our vision on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact us for availability.

Order Fulfillment

Orders placed Monday through Thursday will be roasted and shipped out within 48 hours. Orders placed Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be roasted and shipped out on Monday/Tuesday. Our standard shipping method is Fed Ex Ground. (For local wholesale orders, pick-up or delivery can be arranged.)

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145 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602


MONDAY - FRIDAY 7am - 8pm