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Our New Look: a little mystery, a little history.


Whether you're here on our website or in our cafés, you'll probably notice that Square One Coffee has a new look.

Our new brand taps into the history of our local Southeastern Pennsylvania roots. It pairs a bold, bright look with the mystery and aesthetic of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch art.

The update that's easiest to spot is our new coffee bags. Not only are they super practical (easy to open and resealable), they're also unlike anything else out there. And we love that.

The bags feature two birds that are often seen in Pennsylvania Dutch art—the bird of paradise and the distelfink. The bird of paradise (the white one) represents beauty, wonder, and mystery; the distelfink (yellow) represents happiness and good luck. Individually, these two birds have a lot of history in the art world, but the fact that they're overlapping—working together in a single design—is anything but traditional.

We love that these two birds work together in a totally unexpected way, and that this package turns them into something completely original. Even more than that, we love that together, these two birds perfectly represent the feeling of drinking a really well made cup of coffee—because if you ask us, it's part wonder, part happiness.


The birds on our bag aren't the only new elements in our brand. You'll also see other elements throughout: tulips, hearts, a keystone (representing our home state), a double-headed eagle, and naturally, a coffee cup. Each of these elements truly means something to us, and we hope that a little of that meaning comes through in the coffee we make, too. 


To launch this new brand, we worked with the Philadelphia design studio, Smith & Diction. They helped us develop a look that captures our bright, cheerful attitude, while being unmistakably drawn from the charming area we call home.

We set out to completely rethink our brand, which meant we had to literally start at square one (lowercase). Puns aside, we are beyond thrilled to share this new look with the world.

We hope you love it half as much as we do.

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