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Blood Orange Hibiscus (Herbal Tea)

Blood Orange Hibiscus (Herbal Tea)


Blood Orange Hibiscus is a caffeine free herbal blend.
Tasting Notes: orange peel, pomegranate, lemon

This robust tisane is sweet and refreshing, with a glowing garnet luster and tropical fruit juice flavors. This caffeine free infusion is the perfect choice for making iced tea, but is just as enjoyable served hot. (4 oz.)

Brewing recommendations: For an 8 oz serving, steep 1 heaping teaspoon of leaf in 212°F water for 4 minutes. For a 16 oz iced serving, steep 2 level teaspoons of leaf in 8 oz of 212°F water for 4 minutes. Pour over equal parts ice. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Hibiscus. orange peel, lemongrass, elderberries, apple, rooibos, & stevia.

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