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Libation Espresso

Libation Espresso

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Libation Espresso is a rotating seasonal espresso created specifically to present a juicy, fruit-foward espresso experience. Winey, even.

Summer 2019 Libation: Colombia Cauca

We taste: cherry, white grape, cocoa

Suggested espresso brewing parameters:
In: 18-19 grams
Out:  30-40 grams
Time: 25-30 seconds

Colombia Cauca

Farm: Various smallholder farmers
Region, Country: Cauca, Colombia
Processing Method: Washed
Elevation: 1,200–2,000 msl
Variety: Castillo, Caturra and Colombia

Out of Colombia’s 32 departments, 20 grow coffee. But “Colombian Coffee” is varied and complex as there are many unique flavor profiles being produced by each of these regions. Even within growing regions there are variations due to the microclimates created by mountainous terrain, wind patterns, proximity to the Equator, and more obvious differences between varieties and processing techniques.

The southwestern departments of Nariño, Cauca, and Huila tend to have higher altitude farms, which translates to more complexity and heightened florality in the cup. Coffees from Cauca benefit from high elevation, cool nights, good varieties, and intentional agricultural practices.

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