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Burundi Kayanza

Burundi Kayanza

from 17.95

This coffee comes to us from remote coffee lands of northern Burundi in the heart of Africa. Specifically, it comes from the Heza washing station, one of two relatively new washing stations in the high hills of the Kayanza region. Built in 2013 and 2014, these washing stations may seem like simple stopping points for coffee along its journey to your cup, but their importance shouldn’t be understated.

These washing stations or wet mills were built by the Carlson family as part of the Long Miles Coffee Project, an effort to improve coffee quality through intensified sorting throughout the milling process. In addition to several quality sorts, the coffee is also sorted by the distinct hill on which it is grown. This coffee was grown above 1900 masl on Nkonge Hill, where 1,400 families are part of the Long Miles Coffee Project.

The project also seeks to facilitate direct connections between farmers and roasters (like us!) as it improves the livelihood of local coffee farmers…all while giving the world the gift of delicious coffee from Burundi.

We taste: floral, blackberry, nectarine

Process: washed
Elevation: 1,900-2,100 msl
Varieties: bourbon

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